CELtronic™ Street Lighting Electronic Ballasts for HID and SON Luminaires


The use of efficient electronic ballasts can save up to 50% of power consumption per luminaire in comparison with magnetic ballasts*. 1st generation electronic ballast are largely being upgraded to next generation more efficient electronic ballast to achieve similar savings.

Unique 10-level Dimming Capability

Whereas other ballasts have 2, 3, 5 or 7-step light level options, CELtronic Electronic HID Street Lighting Ballast has an impressive 10-level capacity - giving you extended management capability in the market and maximising your planning and savings capability.

DALI Built-in!

CELtronic Electronic HID Street Lighting Ballast includes DALI - giving you the option to connect to any CMS system straight away, or whenever you may need to in the future. Whether your street lighting ballast specification demands you connect to CMS now, or whether legislation or management decisions require you add CMS in the future, the in-built DALI in CELtronic Electronic HID Street Lighting Ballast ensures your system is relevant, and future-proof.

With DALI you can connect to any CMS system increase your control and management capabilities by connecting to your street lighting via one central management system:

  • Monitor every street light in your remit.
  • Know when faults are going to happen, or have happened.
  • Respond with maintenance, not complete replacement, and keep costs to a minimum. Lamp and lumen maintenance is improved with the use of electronic ballasts, leading to fewer lamp replacements providing up to 30% savings in maintenance costs.

View your potential savings

Total CO2 savings per Luminaire 25g/kg

Annual cost savings per Luminaire £100

Payback period for CELtronic Electronic HID Street lighting ballast
1.6 years

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