CELtronic Street Lighting Electronic Ballast for HID and SON luminaires and LED Drivers

Charles Endirect Ltd* specialises in unique solutions for Street Lighting Ballasts. (* in partnership with Eltam)

The CELtronic electronic HID Street Lighting Dual Action Ballast range with DALI buillt in will help you achieve cost and energy savings now or in the future.

We offer the following solutions:

  • CELtronic Electronic HID Ballast = save up to 50% of power consumption per luminaire in comparison with magnetic ballast
  • 10-level Dimming Capability. More Stages = More Savings!
  • DALI Option to connect to any CMS immediately, or any time in the future
  • Solutions for SON Specifications
  • Gear Trays available 

NEW LED DRIVERS  Click here for Data Sheet

CELtronic Electronic HID Street Lighting Ballast CELtek CMS