CELsave CEV/MS Electronic Multi-step Dimming Switch


The innovative CELsave Multi-step Dimming switching for LED Drivers, HID, HF Fluorescent Ballasts delivers intelligent control of street ighting with a 0-10 volt application.  The CEV/MS switch does not required special wiring or controlling software.

Unique 10-level Dimming Capability

CELsave CEV/MS Dimming switch has an impressive 10-level dimming capacity (including off option) giving you extended management capability in the market and maximising your planning and savings capability.

Solution Concept

The Multi-step concept is based on autonomous dimmable ballasts that can be locally or remotely programme to any design dimming scenario.  The energy savings are realised through adaptive behaviour and a pre-programmed dimming schedule.


UMSUG code: 99 0003 0000 100