The CELtek Street Lighting Central Management System (CMS) gives you the power to control and monitor your street lighting to maximise energy efficiency, achieve the highest cost savings and the quickest return on investment while helping you to deliver the highest degree of public safety and security.

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ELEXON approved

Elexon approved metering system means cost savings are recognised and can then be passed back to the client. Elexon play a key role in ensuring you make your cost savings. Our Elexon-approval is vital: without it output is based on UMSUG codes alone, with no reference to the resultant savings achieved from the intelligent control management of your luminaires.
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Reduced Power Consumption = Reduced Cost

Having ultimate control over your street lighting consumption will result in cost reductions.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Reduction in power consumption will result in a reduction in CO2 emissions – which is essential as you move towards 2020 targets. This CMS system monitors your CO2 credits.

Ultimate Control delivers:

  • Whole of System Control
    Instant and programmable whole of system control lets you turn on, off or dim every individual lamp or group of lamps.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Whole of system monitoring and control means you can locate and predict failures and prevent overheating. This reduces the need for costly time consuming physical inspections.
  • High Levels of Public Safety Maintained
    The ability to respond instantly to changing needs. Control lamps in black spot areas for instance, for accident prevention or fast reaction.

Cost Savings:

  • Ultimate control delivers maximum cost efficiencies
  • Energy saving
  • Reduced CO2
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Over 100 clients
  • More than 1,500 installations in Europe
  • Almost 300,000 lamps