CMS Case Studies

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

Merthyr Tydfil CBC has embarked on a major project to achieve both a substantial reduction in energy consumption while at the same time lowering their street lighting maintenance costs.


To light the main town car park for daily use, including high levels of lighting on market days twice a week and special events throughout the year. In addition to light the church façade, as a feature of the town. Lighting to be cost- and energy-efficient, dimmable and controllable by remote access.

Øvre Eiker Municipality

Exchanged existing old luminaires with new LED with dimming and power metering. The lights were already powered directly from the power distribution network (not dedicated street light circuits). The Municipality did not wish to recable the entire power network to dedicated street light circuits due to cost. Due to national requirements, all new installations must have power metering and power consumption based on calculation of lamp power and burning hours are no longer accepted.

City of Trondheim

Control of the switching on and off of all street lights. National requirements to monitor ground failures and repair these within 4 weeks.