Øvre Eiker Municipality


Exchanged existing old luminaires with new LED with dimming and power metering. The lights were already powered directly from the power distribution network (not dedicated street light circuits). The Municipality did not wish to recable the entire power network to dedicated street light circuits due to cost. Due to national requirements, all new installations must have power metering and power consumption based on calculation of lamp power and burning hours are no longer accepted.


LED lights controlled by the CMS, the only light control units (LCU) with a built in approved power meter.

The LED fixtures are equipped with CMS LCUs for power control, dimming and metering. The lights are switched on at 70% and dimmed in steps evening and night.

System facts

  • 450 columns
  • 50w and 70w LED
  • Switched on at 70%. Dimmed to 50% at 20:00. Dimmed to 35% at 23:00. Dimmed to 70% at 06:00.
  • No dimming in road crossings, pedestrian crossings and bus stops.
  • 70% defined as full light at start up (maintenance factor). Low power than max power gives a lower temperature on LEDs and consequently a longer lifetime.


Reduction in power consumption 60%

Tried, tested and proven technology