Reduce maintenance costs

CELtek street lighting CMS actively helps to reduce maintenance costs of your street lighting. Having instant, whole of system ultimate control means you can detect faults or prospective faults in your units and deal with them in a timely and efficient way. In being able to monitor all lamps, even down to individual units, you cut your need for scouting, and hence cut costs.

In addition, being able to predict specific component failure means on-site maintenance can be accurately planned ahead, helping to make your maintenance budgets efficient.

And once installed, new fittings work immediately, as they are automatically updated with the latest programme status.

Failsafe ZigBee Mesh Routing

ZigBee Mesh Routing detects any points of failure in the system and instantly re-routes communications so that all lamps remain working as programmed.

  • Monitor lamps to predict failure or and assess maintenance requirements
  • Reduces need for scouting
  • Reduces maintenance costs!
  • ZigBee Mesh routing means whole system is failsafe