CELtek ultimate control for maximum savings

  • Ultimate control delivers maximum energy efficiency and maximum cost savings
  • With reduced energy consumption comes reduced carbon emissions
  • Proven technology delivers longevity
  • Well established up front planning and support process enables quick and easy low cost installation
  • Predictive failure means proactive planned low cost maintenance
  • Highest levels of support ensures time efficiency with minimum individual component downtime
  • Resulting in the quickest return on investment and maximum through-life savings.
  • Make energy and cost savings today, and meet the specifications of the future with one intelligent CMS system. With CELtek your investment is future-proof.
ELEXON UMSUG CODES:  Click here to download codes for CEL Products

Elexon play a key role in ensuring you make your cost savings. Our Elexon-approval is vital: without it, output is based on UMSUG codes alone, with no reference to your intelligent control management of your luminaires.

You can be reassured that cost and energy savings made via the use of CELtek intelligent control management will be passed back to a CELtek user because Charles Endirect is Elexon-approved. Call us for more information.