In October 2012 Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council began a £38 million Regeneration Programme as part of the North East Development scheme.  An integral part was to make Stockton Town Centre the central focus of the town by adding a new pedestrianised market square.  The work included new paving, road improvements, street furniture, bus shelters and street lighting.  The Council went out to tender for all material including new lighting columns, lanterns and feeder pillars with an additional requirement to provide power for market traders.

In order to maximise energy savings it was decided that LED lighting would be used and a special design of lighting column was specified with anti-vandal bases.  Power solutions were needed for market traders and events. 

Specification of all the electrical equipment was awarded to a local company, Stainton Lighting Design.  This was a massive task and was targeted to be completed within the time frame of two years.  Stainton needed expert assistance and approached Charles Endirect as they have the perfect people in place with a comprehensive electrical design department and a manufacturing facility for the electrical distribution product needed to complete this project.

There were many challenges involved with the project with timescales to be met with contractors;  weather to consider during the winter and a funding date for completion to be met.  The refurbishment of the High Street needed to provide an attractive area alongside the Georgian architecture in existence.  Distribution Feeder Pillars were supplied by CEL painted black to blend in with the surrounding street furniture.

One critical area was the market traders and event area.  The power needed had to be identified and how to distribute power to market traders when required without being obtrusive at other times. Charles Endirect, with their supply partner, GIFAS Electric, proposed the perfect solution - an underground floor pit.  Power is available at any time by raising the lid, connecting the plug then closing the lid leaving a safe surface for pedestrians and vehicle with no trailing power cables.

This enabled not only market traders and event teams to access the power but also other people who needed it at short notice like medical screening vehicles etc.  Power was immediately on hand.  The GIFAS floor pit is also designed for the distribution of water and compressed air, providing an air line if needed thus this would suit any type of event.