Newbury Town Council has undertaken a project to improve and enhance Victoria Park for the benefit of the local community.  The Park provides a well-used and valuable green space within easy reach of the town centre.  It provides a variety of park facilities for the local community and visitors and is of great social important to Newbury.
The Council required a means of offering temporary power supply for events held in the park.


In order to enhance the events space around the bandstand an unobtrusive method of supply electrical power was required offering 1 x 32amp and 3 x 16amp sockets.   For safety reasons it was necessary that the sockets should be enclosed while in use. There was an existing water supply which the Council wished to maintain for use in this part of the Park.


GIFAS Competto
Charles Endirect, working with their supply partner GIFAS Electric, proposed that the Campetto Floor Pit would fit the specification perfectly as this product is designed for the distribution of electrical power, compressed air and water. The Campetto was specified with the required number of sockets and a water supply.  The GIFAS floor pits are constructed from stainless steel and are designed to be used with the lid in the closed position once connection is made, providing a safe environmental for the general public.  
The use of solid rubber distribution boards, and gas pistons means that the system is completely maintenance free.
The Floor Pit was ordered, manufactured, delivered and successfully installed in time for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations in the Park.